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Why Do You Need A Building Surveyor?

Whenever there is a construction of a new property, you often observe the presence of a building surveyor. So, you might be curious about their roles in constructing a new building or restoring an existing house.

In this article, we allow you to get familiar with the reasons why you will need a building surveyor on your next construction project.

But first, let us get familiar with what building survey is.

What Is A Building Survey

A building survey refers to the inspection and investigation of a particular property construction and services. Sufficient data must be collected so that future problem can be determined. Thus, this kind of survey can help the owner whether the property met the requirements of new legislation.

Furthermore, a building survey can be beneficial to the owners who want to know and understand the current condition of their property. The survey also includes the recording of risks and potential expenditure needed to develop the proper maintenance and remedial plans.

Building surveys are prepared for home buyers, individual homeowners, or even for investors which they will include in their portfolios for future investments. Please take note that there are several types of building surveys.

  • Diagnostic Survey

This survey is conducted to establish a balance of probabilities nature as well as the cause of defects.

  • Partial Inspection Survey

This type of survey primarily focuses on a particular part of a building.

  • Repair of Failure Survey

This building survey type is designed to inform the owner why some other parts of the property fell or malfunctions.

  • Maintenance Property Survey

This survey is essential for designing the repairs and determining the budget necessary for the maintenance or annual repairs.

  • Sale of Property Survey

This type of building survey is useful for assessing the condition of a particular property like the factory, aircraft hanger, house, or shopping center to help the potential purchaser before signing a deal.

What Are the Roles of Building Surveyors

Building surveyors have undergone training to interpret building law, and they play a significant role in residential and commercial properties.

Why do you need a building surveyor? You need to hire a building surveyor to help you ensure that all building plans will meet the appropriate regulations. Thus, you can be sure that your property has complete safety and dependability.

So, what are the typical work activities of building surveyors?

  • Deals with the planning applications
  • Oversees the safety and health aspects of properties
  • Monitors the overall environment construction impact including the energy efficiency
  • Identifies the real condition of an existing building including identifying defects and areas of repairs.
  • Ensures that the entire building designs meet the needs of individuals with disabilities.

Building surveyors have expertise in the construction standards, and they usually interact with contractors, engineer, and architects to ensure that design, materials, and techniques are according to modern legislation.

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