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Chartered Surveyors and Surveyors – What’s the Difference?

Chartered Surveyors and Surveyors – What’s the Difference?

7th May 2021

Chartered Surveyor

Chartered surveyor work involves property, land, and construction. A chartered surveyor examines buildings and determines their value. They will detect potential issues with a building or its environment. A chartered surveyor must be a RICS member (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors).

Chartered surveying work includes the inspection and valuation of commercial and domestic properties and property development. A chartered surveyor can also evaluate large construction projects, assessing the state of the land and the environmental impact.

To become a chartered surveyor, you must meet several professional standards to ensure you have sufficient knowledge and expertise to deliver a professional chartered surveyor service. You must pass the APC (Assessment of Professional Competence) before you can become a member of RICS. After you are a member of RICS, you must complete regular CPD (Continuing Professional Development).


A surveyor carries out surveying work, but they do not necessarily hold the relevant qualifications. A surveyor may not have the experience and expertise and are not officially governed by a professional body. A surveyor does not have to invest in specific training or courses, and they are not required to meet strict industry standards. This means that someone working under the name ‘surveyor’ may not be adequately experienced to offer the professional service you need.

Why You Should Use a Chartered Surveyor

You may think that hiring the services of a surveyor rather than a chartered surveyor is a great way to save money. However, when investing in property or construction projects, you must have all facts about the building and site on which it is constructed. The only way to do this and to ensure you minimise your risk of running into costly problems in the future is to employ the services of a chartered surveyor.

A chartered surveyor is covered by the RICS complaints handling procedure, with every RICS member having adequate PII (professional indemnity insurance). This means that you can work with a chartered surveyor with the peace of mind that they are experienced, qualified, and adequately covered.

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