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Property Defects To Be Aware Of When Buying

Property Defects To Be Aware Of When Buying

6th January 2021

It is easy to think your dream home is the perfect investment. However, the truth is that many properties are concealing defects. Defects can be costly to fix, and in some circumstance, they could be dangerous.

It is unrealistic not to expect the odd minor defect with a property. Often, you can have the price reduced to reflect these. More significant issues, however, can seriously risk your investment.

Using a professional chartered surveyor, such as TFK Surveyors, for a full building survey report, is a cheaper option than buying a property with defects that cost thousands to fix. Here, we look at some common defects to be aware of when buying a property:

Damp and mould - Damp can often lead to the growth of mould. Mould can affect your skin, nervous system and even lungs, posing severe health risks. A thorough damp test is included in a professional building survey.

Dry rot, wet rot, and woodworm - Moisture on wood encourages the growth of fungi. This can lead to timber rot and woodworm. Common problems that cause this include inadequate roof ventilation, plumbing leaks, and damaged guttering.

Roof issues - Roof problems are usually costly to fix. Defective roof coverings and leaks can lead to bigger issues, resulting in large parts of your roof being replaced.

Asbestos - The use of asbestos in properties was banned in 1999, but it is still an issue for many buildings. A survey will check the roof, ceiling, cupboards, and floors to ensure there is no risk of asbestos.

Window issues - Repairing or replacing windows can be extremely expensive. Timber rot and condensation are just two of the issues that are not always easy to spot on windows initially.

Gas and electrical - Faulty wiring and leaking gas services are examples of costly and dangerous issues to look out for when buying a property. You should use a licensed contractor to perform a thorough test.

Fire safety - A surveyor should thoroughly inspect the fire security of the building before you buy. This includes fire doors, smoke alarms and escape routes. These should all meet current safety regulations.

Flooding - A flood risk map will be provided with a building surveyor report. Many homes are a high flood risk, and this is something you should be fully aware of before you buy.

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