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Keeping up with home maintenance

Keeping up with home maintenance

23rd July 2020

Any home or property owner will recognise that a building will need some care and attention from time to time. Home maintenance can be costly if certain jobs are left over a period of time. This is why it’s very important to have regular home maintenance carried out, to ensure major problems are either prevented or addressed. Damp, rot and damage to the exterior will also put potential buyers off or result in a reduced sale price if you’re thinking of selling your home. Often, the deterioration of a property is all preventable with regular home maintenance checks that you can either make yourself or find an expert to do.

Water damage

A home or property’s main enemy is usually rainwater. If not checked regularly, gutters, pipes and drains can become blocked, causing major damp issues to walls, internally and externally. A simple gutter or drain cleaning task will save you time and money in the long run.

Storm damage

Once in a while strong winds hit the UK, causing many problems for homeowners around the country. After strong winds occur it’s recommended that roofs are checked for missing, damaged or lifted tiles. You may even be able to check your roof with a pair of binoculars yourself.

External joinery

Wet rot can be prevented by with regular checks and we would even suggest that a redecoration would be advised every five to seven years. Be mindful of the fact that the weather can have a greater impact on south-westerly facing elevations, with constant rainfall and temperature changes.


You may notice small cracks need filling or brickwork repointing. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the building has movement, but you could be leaving yourself open to rainwater creeping in causing damage to walls. Always speak to a professional if you have any concerns regarding movement to your property.

If you are unable to carry out any of your own inspections then please remember to call upon a professional, who can take a look at your property safely.

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